Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Emails will help your startup or business to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Many people think of email marketing as an old-fashioned marketing tactic. Therefore, startups and entrepreneurs often oversee email marketing and use "trendy" channels like social media or mobile marketing to get attention, exposure and visibility.

In fact, email marketing is far to be dead. When coupled with a strong content marketing approach, email marketing is known as the channel with the best ROI (Return-on-Investment) and is definitely a channel you want to use on the path to your startup success. You need to define a marketing strategy for your startup and email marketing has to be part of it. By creating great email marketing campaigns, your email marketing will be focused on converting your leads into sales when applying inbound marketing methodologies.

In addition to increasing your sales, email marketing will give you the most direct line of communication with your community. Thanks to emails, you will be able to talk to your audience with a personal touch, find out what people like or dislike or what their needs are. So, implementing an email marketing strategy will not only grow your startup revenue, it will also help you in optimising and improving your product.

The time you just read this, millions of emails have been sent already around the world. Indeed, 293.6 billion emails are sent & received daily. Emails are a large reach. Facebook has 1.8+ billion active users. This is not as much as email users.

How Email Marketing is Helpful?

Email marketing is critical to stay in touch with your community, bring you new leads and increase your sales. This is the channel that we recommend you to use the most in order to prevent startup failure and drive your business to success. However, this is not a simple task as it involves getting email lists of potential customers and the send them regular updates about your startup, your products, offers, newsletters and blog posts.

Email is a flexible tool that can accommodate a large range of messages. Email marketing is a channel that accommodate almost any message your startup wants to send. One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that it allows companies, startups or entrepreneurs to send targeted messages. You can choose to manage your own email marketing campaigns or you can decide to try our email marketing services.

At GET WEB SOLUTIONS, we offer complete email marketing services where we execute your email marketing strategy from scratch. We can help you outsource your digital marketing needs by managing your email marketing growth strategy and A/B testing tactics in order to bring you exponential growth.

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